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The first delivery

Well there had already been a couple of set visits but it was when X and Y visited the set and brought sweeties to bribe security that it all started.  The next visit Z came along and decided to bake and thus the Outlandish Bakers came about.

Fair well to Emma

We all met up at Blackness to bid fair well to Emma. Everyone there had been involved as an Outlandish Baker. We had a brilliant day behaving like children and loving every moment!

UK Premier Glasgow

Some of our bakers were lucky enough to make it to the Glasgow premier of Outlander hosted by Amazon Prime. Karin made some tablet, wrapped them in some lovely bags with our stickers and delivered them to the cast and crew there.

Late delivery and HobNobbing

So last Thursday, 21 Jan, we made a late afternoon delivery to Falkland. It was cold, wet and getting dark but we made it. #Baker5 had spent the week perfecting Chocolate HobNobs for our own RR. A perfect introduction to Outlander life. Although he wasn’t present we were assured our carefully tagged box would be delivered to him. Also, he knew it was on the way so hopefully we wont have a repeat of “nougatgate”.


Some fans took to twitter to voice their horror at the possibility of RRs expanding waist line due to the sugary goodness. Terry herself had been discussing us with RR and we can assure you RRs waistline will remain trim.

Ahhhh, the bakers. He and I were talking about you guys

Our other reason for visiting was to deliver a special picture done by our very own @thenewredplaid of the Bakers and Drivers. Kenny wrote the foreword to our Outlandish baker recipe book which you can purchase at Proceeds go towards Kennys chosen charity Scottish Autism.


We didn’t do as many drive by bakings last year as we would have liked due to work and family commitments. Who knows what 2016 will hold for us as we hopefully sail into Season 3 and Voyager. What delights will we cook up once Breewatch ends? Where will we pop up next with sugary goodness? Watch out, Watch out there’s a Baker about xx

A personal delivery to Steven Cree

On Monday 16th of November the Outlandish Bakers made a special delivery to Steven Cree, the actor playing Ian in Outlander. Once Steven mentioned that he has never had a personal bakers delivery, we were on the mission and arrived at the Outlander studio with Nutella brownies, Peanut butter cookies and tablet, which was almost eaten before the delivery.
When we delivered the baking we were (by coincidence) greeted by none other than Matt Roberts, who had a big smile for us.
Later that day a message from Steven was given to us by on of the Creezie’s admins which said:

“They were amazing! Chocolate Nutella muffin things and peanut biscuits”

This is what we call a successful Baker delivery 😉

Beautiful Friday night

Excellent night a few weeks ago when we did a surprise delivery. The red velvet fudge made by one of our bakers was a new recipe and proved to be very popular, guess we will do that one again. Given its Season 2 I’m thinking that we should brush up on our patisserie skills.
Hopetoun House

First on set delivery of Season 2

Today the Bakers hit the road for the first on set delivery of Season 2. On Tuesday five of us met in Dysart where Outlander was filming in the small harbour. First stop was to visit Gary 1 and drop off our baking for the cast and crew. Gary and Johnny took the multiple bags and dropped them off at the coffee table.  When they came back they said Sam was taking a picture of the baking.  What we didn’t know was it included Cait eating one of Simone’s muffins! (see below).

The delivery included:

  • Blondies
  • Blueberry cake with maple syrup glaze
  • Tablet
  • Cheese straws
  • Courgette, cheese and chive muffins
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Cup cakes
  • Peanut butter cookies

After chatting to Gary and Johnny and the drivers for a while we decided to take a walk to the park where locals had told us we could get a view of the filming.  Now we have an understanding with security that we won’t publish any photos of filming.  There were loads of people there that day and as you’ve probably already seen, lots and lots of photos of the filming so you know what we got to see.  While waiting between rehearsals, Duncan happened to turn around and look up at the wall.  The Bakers waved and he waved back which then caused Sam and Cait to do the same.  Needless to say we giggled a little.  It’s the small things like that which make our day.  The Tweet from Sam was just icing on the cake! (Baroom-ching!)

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